Are you a professional photographer that is struggling to safely pose and work with newborns? Maybe you are very new to photography and need some basics to get started. I offer one on one Mentoring for all skill levels, with a full day of learning devoted to exactly what you need to learn. We can tailor the day to include a broad range of sessions or to favour something in particular. I am an open book, happy to answer questions on where I get all my lovely props etc. I will organise all models required after discussing with you what you wish to learn. I have mentored photographers from all over Australia. We will have lots of fun, get to know each other an you will leave with a brain exploding with info and ideas!

Here is an example of a typical Mentoring day:

9.30am - Arrival, meet and great and chat about camera settings, lenses and flash studio lighting.

10am - First model arrives, either Maternity or newborn. During this time I show you a typical session, posing, calming techniques, props etc. You can ask as many questions as you want as I photograph. This is also an opportunity for you to take your own images so we can perfect angles, lighting etc. This also enables you to practice editing these photos when you return home, and use in your own portfolio. I will show you my workflow and how to get the most images from your session without upsetting baby. We will also cover safety and how to achieve those hanging baby photos as composites.

12.30pm - lunch (provided in cost)

1.30pm - second model arrives (newborn or 6 month sitter) - Repeat as above, with different set ups or repeat of some to show consistency. We may also do some parent photos. Again multiple opportunities for you to practice with you own camera. If there was a particular pose you wanted to see in the first baby but we weren't able to achieve we can try again. Different props, different wrapping etc.

3.30pm - Upload the photos to my computer where we start discussing Photoshop techniques and tools. Again we can focus on what your strengths and weaknesses are and I will show you how I edit a photo from start to finish. We can also discuss how I price my sessions, business tricks and tips.

5pm - finish for the day. I will be available to support you for 3 months after your mentoring to re-hash any info you have forgotten or to critique your images.

This is an example of a typical day however if you want to focus more on one element we can do that. It's all about you and your needs.

A full days mentoring with me to ask as many questions as you want and to be shown all my tips and experience is $1000. This fee includes lunch. The jumpstart that you will get from a day with me is invaluable in kickstarting your photography career.

Please note, for local photographers I have a 50km exclusion zone. You will need to live/work outside of this radius to have a mentoring day with me.

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