Have a browse through my photos (both here and on my facebook page) and if there are any poses, dresses, styles in particular feel free to let me know prior to your session. Every photoshoot is unique, just like you yourself look unique, however we can recreate similar images that you really like. If you are feeling concerned that you might go into labour early, send me a message and we can look into moving up your session so that you don't miss out. Don't worry about stretch marks or that extra bit of pregnancy weight, I have posing tricks and Photoshop skills to help make you feel a million dollars.

If your partner can make it to the session thats great! It gives us some extra poses and styles we can do. Assure your partner that there is not a lot of pressure to be in a lot, that if they are a little camera shy we can do photos that aren't "looking at the camera and smiling". If your partner is really uncomfortable coming along, best to leave it be as a forced partner often results in tense photos - Bribery might be a good option...hehe

Children are welcome during the session as well, Toddlers under 3 can sometimes not want to be photographed, so best to take a go with the flow attitude to reduce the pressure on them. Another idea is to practice a few things at home (hugging and kissing belly etc)


I will provide some specifically made Maternity dresses and Materials to drape over you for creative/artistic effect. Please bring a few outfits as well that you are comfortable in, a good selection is white and a black or pretty coloured tight singlet/camisole, Jeans (even if you cant button them up). Nude shots look fantastic (hiding bits of course!) but please tell me what you are comfortable/not comfortable doing! Also nice lingerie looks great! Black is best but bright colours work well and white. If you own any please wear skin tone underwear, and bring a strapless bra or bandeau. A long flowing Maxi dress or formal dress works too. The main thing is, don't stress, I have items here we can use that fit many shapes and sizes so if you don't have some of the above items thats no problem.

Hair and Make up is organised by yourself, if you put in a little effort it will make your images easier to edit, however I want you to feel comfortable so if it's not your "thing" that is fine by me.

If you have booked an outdoor session and the weather forecast looks bad, we will chat on the day to make a final decision on what to do. I can offer alternative dates depending on what I have available or we can move your session to an indoor studio one instead. The main thing is we don't risk you capturing these precious memories of a time you can't get back.

Whilst I provide the option for you to pick your photos, I do suggest considering letting me choose them as "photographers choice". As I do a lot of retouching, it can be nicer for you to see the finished product and I can assure you I will pick the best assortment and most flattering poses.


Generally within 24 hours of the session (or after you have chosen) I will upload a couple of images to my Facebook page as a sneak peek. This is your opportunity to tag yourselves in the images, use the share button or tag friends and family to show off your baby bump :) I would love it if you comment or tag the photos, as word of mouth and sharing is really helpful to me and my little business - share your joy!

Within 3 weeks your images should be finished (health permitting) and you will be emailed a link to download your high resolution images. Please download them to your computer within 7 days, and create multiple back ups on external hard drives and usb's etc - we can't always trust technologies these days and I would hate for your memories to vanish!