These sessions are usually pretty easy going. Babies are 3-12 months, the best age is when they are sitting but before crawling, but i'm comfortable photographing any age. I do have some cute rompers here (mainly for girls though) but it would be great if you could bring a few outfit options. Reds and oranges don't photograph very well, but most of everything else is good. This is still a really cute age to do some semi or full naked shots as well.

For little girls, I have some gorgeous flower headpieces we can use, or if bold colours aren't your thing we can keep it nice and simple. Have a browse through my images here and on my Facebook page to get an idea of some of the different looks we can do, and let me know if you would like to do anything in particular. No 2 sessions are the same as each baby is unique but if baby is happy we can recreate something similar for you.

If there is a special item or memento that you particularly want photographed please bring it! If you would like to update your family photos this is a great opportunity also.

Good idea to bring milk and snacks, we can take a break if required so that they are happy to be photographed.


These are so fun! I will provide a backdrop that is not damageable, please bring a cake and outfit that you are happy to get a little messy. The cake could be handmade, a cheapie from the supermarket or a professional one, totally up to you and your budget. The main thing, is that the cake has some soft colourful icing that will get baby nice and messy (buttercream is best) avoid fondant icing or too much cream). Also it is easier for baby to dig in if the cake isnt too cold/firm from the fridge.

For boys, shorts only work best, some people like a more fancier outfit (suspenders etc) and thats fun too. For girls, a tutu skirt or dress is lovely.

Feel free to jazz up the background with decorations, you might like to bring balloons, bunting, paper flowers etc or something more unique to your theme. You can also choose to keep it simple and make it all about the cake. We can use your cake stand if you wish, it looks great however I do find it can get annoying as the baby can knock the whole thing over.

It is a good idea to get baby used to cake prior to the shoot. Most babies aren't used to the sweet sugary taste of cake and icing, or might not be familiar with the sticky sensation of icing on feet and hands. Let babies have a non-pressured fun messy play with some at home in a relaxed environment prior to the session. Be prepared that some babies like to have a little cry if they aren't used to the messy play, this can make for super cute photos as well.

It is best that you dress very casual for the session in case baby wants a supportive cuddle from you during the shoot - they might be covered in cake!

Bring lots of wipes and a towel to clean up baby when finished.


Generally within 24 hours of the Photoshoot I will upload a couple of images to my Facebook page as a sneak peek. This is your opportunity to tag yourselves in the images, use the share button or tag friends and family to show off your gorgeous growing baby :) I would love it if you comment or tag the photos, as word of mouth and sharing is really helpful to me and my little business - share your joy!

Within 3 weeks your images should be finished (health permitting) and you will be emailed a link to download your high resolution images. Please download them to your computer within 7 days, and create multiple back ups on external hard drives and usb's etc - we can't always trust technologies these days and I would hate for your memories to vanish!