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Newborns are best photographed within the first 2-3 weeks of being born. They are very sleepy and can be moved around a lot. I will take take photos if they are older but it may limit our potential posing options. Book early to avoid disappointment :) For newborns I photograph them naked or with a wrap covering nappy so no special clothes are required. All I ask is that you wipe babies face especially around the lips, nose and eyes prior to the shoot. Best if possible to dress baby in VERY loose clothes that are easy to remove in case baby is asleep on arrival. Also don't feed baby until you get here if you can avoid it, we use the milk to help send baby off to sleep (Hopefully!) For parents please wear nice clothes that you feel comfortable in, black and white is fine but also bright tasteful colours work well too - Don't wear busy patterns or logos (that means you dads!). Personally I find that reds and oranges don't photograph well, cool tones work better. I also really really enjoy those extra personal photos, ones that include a special toy, or maybe a hobby of the mum/dad that we want to pass on to the child.


If there is a special item, memento or clothing that you particularly want photographed please bring it! Also if you have seen a certain pose you would like to replicate I am more then happy to try it. Please keep in mind that "accidents" can happen in studio, so it is wise to bring a spare change of clothes and nappies for your children, and a spare change of clothes for yourself too - just in case! I absolutely ADORE fun and crazy ideas, so please ask me ANYTHING!

Whilst I cannot guarantee baby will sleep and do all poses, I will do my absolute best. No 2 sessions are the same, No 2 babies are the same.

I also highly recommend to bring some extra milk. A full baby is a happy baby. If you are breastfeeding but having a little trouble, an expressed bottle or some top up formula is a good back up. If you are formula feeding then lots of powder is great. Also even if you don't use a dummy often, if you have one bring it, it can help when i'm transitioning baby into different poses.

There is no refund on your deposit as I have held that date for you and turned away others however if cancelling due to ill health we can reschedule to another date.

If your baby is born very early or late, keep in contact with me and we will choose another date available to suit.


Newborn sessions can last anywhere from 2-4 hours depending on how sleepy baby is. My studio is kept very warm, so that your new baby can feel super comfortable and relaxed naked. I have a purified water cooler in the studio to keep yourself hydrated during the warm session. If you have older children coming for photos I will attempt to complete these first, so that dad or another friend/family member can then take them to a park or a drive or somewhere more fun to play - children get very bored and agitated in a warm room so best if they don't stay as to not disturb your sleeping baby.

At the end of the session I will show you the best images taken on my iPad Pro for you to take your time and choose which images/package you would like. Cash is the preferred payment on the day if possible. I do offer payment plans on my Forever package, please contact me for more information. You may also wish to order wall art/canvas etc at this time.


Generally within 24 hours of the session I will upload a couple of images to my Facebook page as a sneak peek. This is your opportunity to tag yourselves in the images, use the share button or tag friends and family to show off your new baby :) I would love it if you comment or tag the photos, as word of mouth and sharing is really helpful to me and my little business - share your joy!

Within 3 weeks your images should be finished (health permitting) and you will be emailed a link to download your high resolution images. Please download them to your computer within 7 days, and create multiple back ups on external hard drives and usb's etc - we can't always trust technologies these days and I would hate for your memories to vanish!

As you have the digital images you are free to print them as you wish :) Due to the varying quality of printers, I do not guarantee the quality of these products unless ordered through my Professional Lab. As an experiment I printed the same image (un-altered) with multiple cheap printers (Big w, Kmart, Snap fish, Office works and Harvey Norman) and was appalled at the different colours and quality of each place. Invest your money in products that have a lifetime guarantee and that you would feel proud to display in your home. Below is an iphone photo I took with some of the printing experiments I did - The very top image is printed through my pro lab and is true to colour and the rest? well see for yourself!